Tuesday, June 4, 2013


Since I was lazy and forgot to actually finish this post, I'll just say a few pointer things.

I got the GPS on my camera to work! I am 99% sure it is tagging where each of my photos were taken. It got Tower Bridge at least, and a few other places. Anyway I'm excited to see how that all turns out.

We had a nice bus driver, James, who gave us a little sightseeing tour on the long drive to Stonehenge. And once we got there we had an English audio tour that told us a fascinating history from a bunch of old lichen topped rocks.

You can't get too close, I'd say a quarter mile away? Except one side is significantly closer to the footpath. But our guide said in the next year or so they are entirely changing it and you won't be able to even be that close, and they're "giving back the land" so I'm glad I went now.

Some of the hills nearby are burial mounds, which is kinda mysterious. I don't know what is buried there. Hell, they don't even know why Stonehenge is there.

When we got back to the hostel that evening after the tour, we grocery shopped one more time. Tessa asked the old man in front of us if he wanted to scan his frequent card for us, and he was oh so happy that he would get our extra points.

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  1. AWESOME picture Leah! I love the wind in your hair and the lighting! Classic! Laurie :)