Thursday, June 27, 2013


Well. We made it with fewer mishaps than normal, which was nice. We are now in Moldova's capital, Chisinau. They speak Russian here. Once again. And all Tessa can remember in Russian is "dog" and "thank you" so it's gonna be super fun.

On the other hand, when we withdrew money at the ATM, we got 500 (their money) which is only like $60. So I feel really rich now. And everything is really cheap here, which is why we picked this route to Romania.

When we finally found the bus to our hotel from the hostel, it was on this rather dingy looking thing that we dubbed a baxi.

The ride cost about 50 US cents so yay there. The other guy who was on the baxi with us happened to be going to the same hostel, and he spoke Russian! He is from Sweden and spoke really good English. He was able to communicate with the driver, where to take us. Then after we got off the stop (Tessa had vague directions from the hostel site) we wandered around using Gustav's phone GPS and finally found the place.

Our reservation was originally for a private room with only our two beds, but once we got here and thought about how we've been glampacking antisocialites...we changed the reservation (which required just telling the guy at the front desk who's our age, that we wanted to change.) and now we are in a 10 room dorm! 
*update. Everyone left this evening, so we are all alone in here...well, we tried.

Front desk:

Now the mall ( incredibly punny) is only around the corner from our hostel, so we can shop easily! 

Here's Tessa's post upon arriving:

We only stay here two nights, and we overheard a conversation at the front desk that a bus to Bucharest is only $20 and I'm really liking that price..aaand we just heard that the bus is actually a 12 hour baxi ride...train it is then! I need a bathroom sometime in 12 hours, thank you very much.

And guys, you should google earth these places I'm mentioning, because they're even new names to me. It might give you some bearings to where in the world I am. :)

I've been gone almost an entire month now, what's up with you people at home?

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  1. Record breaking heat here today and tomorrow. Should be 117 this afternoon. You aren't missing much. lol! We are all hibernating indoors. Enjoyed reading your post. Laurie :)