Saturday, June 1, 2013

Long Island

(I meant to post this yesterday but forgot! Excuse the off timing.)

I've arrived safely in New York!

I flew all day yesterday, and after an extra hour's worth of weather avoidance, I got in about 11:30 last night to LaGuardia. Thankfully my ride was here, and my backpack made it intact as well. 

It's very moist here. 

Tomorrow morning I'm getting a ride to JFK, and meeting up with Tessa, who'll be arriving just a few hours before. We're flying Icelandic Air to London, but we have an 8 hour layover in the middle of the night in Reykjavik. I'm curious to see if the sun will be up all that time.

Today I'm catching up on my sleep, watching Star Trek, and eating stove-top popcorn (which is awesome by the way, new experience #1!) and that's about it. 

I'm staying with my friend Nat, who's twin five year old brothers are very into Irish step dancing. I was lucky enough to get a brief performance this morning over breakfast. Tonight we are going to see her other brother's band play nearby.

I miss my kitties and family already, but I'm super excited for tomorrow, when I meet Tessa, and we get this adventure started!


The moist but gorgeous day:

And one of Nat's dogs, Hobbes:


  1. 8 Hour layover! Yikes, like living in an airport for a day. Sound like a lot of fun. Yes, there is more moisture in NY than AZ - you picked the hottest and most humid weekend all year.

    Have fun, looking forward to more posts.

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  3. Hi Leah! I bet you will find lots to do for 8 hours in an Islandic airport?!? Looks like your trip is off to an awesome start! Love the idea of USBs on planes. Can't wait to follow your adventures online! :) Laurie

  4. Woo hoo! The adventure begins!