Friday, June 14, 2013

Past few days..

I wonder if I warned you enough that this Mons week wouldn't be full of exciting adventures. Apparently you need something to go with your morning coffee.

Well the rain has finally cleared up, but it could be back tomorrow. The past few/couple days (what day of the week is it again?) have been pretty in eventful, sorry. Mostly Tessa and I are chillaxing in the Military housing and reading way too much. And sleeping. Eating. We know when El Camino comes, all this luxury of soap and couches will be gone.

The light is misleading here, so we tend to keep going to sleep at about 2am and waking at 11am. Really, it doesn't get pitch dark till about midnight. So since the light is misleading, we meant to go to the store again for food today when we realized it was almost 8pm...and since Europe, everything is closed within walking distance.

Still figuring out what dinner will be. (9pm)

Yesterday we did venture out into the rain into the City Centre of Mons. (We are about 5 kilometers out.) After waiting for a bus for 40 minutes in the rain, and then wandering around in the bleak weather...not much happened. I dubbed this the most depressing town I've been in, but I think it wouldn't be bad at all if the rain hadn't been our constant companion. No hard feelings, Mons.

A few highlights of that day out:

The most delicious waffle I have ever tasted. I can't even explain it enough to do it justice. Caramelized and surprisingly filled with chocolate (it would have been amazing without it though) after one bit each, Tessa and I instantly regretted buying only one to wasn't that big, only about the size of my hand, open wide. The waffle of awesome disappeared into our warm bellies instantly.

We found a sort of consignment shop next to the waffle shop. Tessa figured out people's clothes here in Europe don't really wear out enough for thrift stores since they are super fashionable and hang everything to dry. So this store had some class. It was also fun to sift through all the weird Euro styles and go "That would never leave the house in the US." For future Europe trips, I am bringing an extra suitcase just for thrift clothing, to see what I can pull off, upon returning.

Also, I think it was just me (okay only mostly me) but we got super paranoid waking around. We were pretty sure the entire population had gone on holiday to a less depressing part of the country or world. This lead to believing everyone left (I swear there were only two dozen people left in town) was stalking us. From rough translation skills, we think there is a college in town, hence all the young people. And they were pretty friendly. Or laughing at us behind our rain-jacketed backs. At one point while we ducked into the entrance of a movie theatre to look at some French movie-posters, a guy walks by and separates from his friends, and sticks his hand out to us, speaking rapid French.

Both of us just kinda looked confused or horrified, maybe a mix of the two, because when he saw our reactions his hands when up in apology, and backed off, laughing with his friends in what sounded like more rapid French. (I'm saying French, but it could very likely have been Dutch.)

We spent the next ten minutes cracking up and trying to figure out if he was hitting on us, or going to mug us. 

Anyway, Mons is interesting.

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