So...where will we be?

Bellingham trip '16 Start Point: Queen Creek, Arizona to Bellingham, Washington. And everywhere in between.


New Zealand '16 infos!

Mostly the North Island for the first month of July, and some South Island traveling in August.


New Zealand '15 infos!

We'll be visiting all over the North Island of New Zealand this time, mostly around Gisborne, with day trips traveling around the island sightseeing and seeing family, etc.


Europe '13 infos below:

All over! Oh, you want some specifics? I'll update this as we continue planning, but for now, I'll say generally: most of eastern and southern and nor--okay like all of Europe. Icelandic Alps exploring. Meandering through some capitals, sneaking into Dracula's castle, and hopefully spotting the Northern Lights in Norway.

Brilliant Tessa has figured out a way to make a map of our route using GoogleMaps, so if you're interested, I can probably find a link for you.

I'm not going to put super detailed info for safety, but for a rough order as of now:

June-September(ish) 2013

We're leaving from New York (meeting there)
...meandering for a while to...
CERN (Switz/France)
Czech Republic
aaand back home again. Whew!

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