Friday, January 20, 2017

Huê, Vietnam

Chan May dock to Huê, Vietnam 1/13/16

Arrival in the morning, we find our tour taxi and head to the city a couple hours away.

First stop, The Citadel. (Aka The Forbidden Purple City according to Google, if you want to look up more images.) Made in 1806, it's had a rough couple hundred years with the "French, Americans, and Typhoons" so it's a little worse for wear, sadly. 

It's a huge "city" a couple miles in area, and we got to see temples and houses and other important buildings of the time. Residences of the mother and grandmother. Kitchens. It was a drizzly day out but I managed some pictures.

(not too many words this time, sorry guys)

There was an entire kitchen building just for cooking food for the temple offerings. 

ironwood beams

Second stop, Lady Buddha Pagoda 1606
Thien Mu Pagoda

-1615 turtle

-1610 bell

(Perfume river)

More coconut!

Bought figurine!

Third stop fourth king's Tomb

-King tomb 4th king 50 years reign

Within the 2k-long walls of the "tomb" it was like a city. For the king and his officers/assistants mostly. There is a building on the lake for him to compose poetry, 

a fishing dock in case he wants to fish, and an island stocked with animals in case he felt like hunting. (Well, many decades ago. Past tense.) 

After many buildings and walls and garden areas, we finally get to the "modest tomb" depicted below. Apparently no one knows exactly where his body is underground because four men carried it down into it, and the doors were closed behind them all.

Stopped at a market to get some last fruits of Vietnam, and then headed back to the ship.

Oh and cows.

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