Wednesday, June 12, 2013


It was a quick train ride from Paris, and now we are in Mons, Belgium. Everything looks...mostly the same as France. And hey look, our overcast weather followed us here.

We are staying with a family friend, Elizabeth. Her husband is in the military so we are hanging out in US Military housing on the outskirts of town. Being around English and friends from home make it feel like we are cheating on our trip...but it's free!

Brussels is only two hours away and we are all probably going to take a day trip there this weekend. Now I have to do some research because I never expected to go to Brussels. I just want some waffles and chocolate while here, then I'll be good. Maybe a few old buildings.

Our 62 pence peanut butter jar is almost gone, thanks to the chocolate we bought in Paris. Update as I'm writing this: we just finished it off.

We are able to do laundry here. Like actual laundry. Elizabeth has a washer. Washer! And dryer! (Though I would be just as happy with only the former.) So our clothes will smell a little less hippie backpacker now. Hand washing only does so much with Dr Bronners.

Whoa have we really only been gone like nine days? This blog post sounds kind of desperate and pathetic now.

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