Friday, June 28, 2013

Parts 1, 2 & 3

Part 1:

Some noteworthy quotes from the trip so far. I hope they're not too...inside-y? Just because we crack up when we remember them, doesn't mean you won't just roll your eyes. So I apologize in advance, just in case.

"The bananas are under *your* bed. Wait. That sounds weird." -Me

"I'm holding a head of broccoli, don't make me mad." -Me

"But what if they don't lock up their salt at night?!" -Tessa (regarding midnight airport teeth brushing.)

"That's ducking awesome." -Tessa

Ivan the Russian's wise words: "Nothing's hazardly."
Me: " mean by chance?"
Ivan: "Yes, that's it."

And our favorite so far, from the Tallinn Hostel about a booking question: "Excuse free revenge isn't present."

Well that clears things right up, doesn't it?

Parts 2 & 3:

We now have a theme song for our trip.
Thrift Shop. 
Mostly because no matter where we go, we always hear it. In a bus or airport, or hostel radio in the's not just in the US that it's popular. When a slide show of our trip pictures is made, it will be to this song. And I don't even love the song or anything. 

And we also have a motto.
"In Wifi We Trust." Now we are both in want of a necklace with the wifi symbol engraved on it. Kind of like people wear a cross? Yeah, it's gotten to that. Really though, wifi is our lifeline to figuring everything out, not to mention to update you like I'm doing now!

Bonus part 4:
What we are reading right now.
Tessa: Walden by Henry David Thereau
(Which just now adds another quote, really a cry of anguish, "Where's Walden??" When Tessa misplaced her e-reader. This led to a few minutes of us non-stop cracking up. 

Leah: I'm reading some Agatha Christie novels now. I still have 28 Hercule Poirot stories to go. But I'm going to start Dracula soon now that we are in Romania.

Bonus part 5: 
Fun fact! Romania's banknotes are made out of plastic instead of cotton or paper, like most countries. This is because at one point someone (maybe another country?) suggested changing over to plastic money, meaning more digital, credit cards, etc. but the Romanian bank took it literally and they changed it all to actual plastic money. Which is good for, like, rain. Or something.
A couple other countries that use plastic banknotes are Australia and Canada.

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