Friday, June 21, 2013

Food (Toit)

The main thing we have done here in Estonia, is eat. A lot. It is wonderful. Sandra's grandmother is magical. Every time we leave the kitchen, and come back like an hour or so later, there's another random and delicious meal waiting for us. Usually something traditional and we have no idea what it is.

Our absolute favorite food is porridge; it's pretty much the best damn food on the planet. You can put jam on it, or as Tessa did, Nutella. Or even plain. It's that good.

Toit is food in Estonian. Pronounced pretty much how it's spelled, long "i".

Piim is milk. Homemade apricot and strawberry jam, and porridge! I'm drooling as I write this. The only thing that made me go to sleep last night was the knowledge I would get some for breakfast.

(Tessa's Nutella porridge.)

See that covered plate above? This is what was inside. I thought it was meat but Sandra said it was red cheese. "Why is it red?" - "Well why wouldn't it be? It's red cheese." :)

The most interesting and, to use Tessa's word, "intense" pizza we have ever tasted. Sort of like a Chicago style quiche thing. Estonia is known for this restaurant. And there is a place among the tables where you can go get a plate of salad (coleslaw stuff) and a bread roll if you want. Very unique experience.

This is Tessa's favorite food, it's a kind of  a cheese spread, but not cream cheese. We still can't find a translation to it.

And after a long day of Midsummer, we come home to this on the table, strawberry over a kind of signature yogurt/cheese/stilll looking for translation/custard. And a surprise biscuit near the bottom. Yuuuum.

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