Monday, August 1, 2016

Panui visit numero uno

Hello friends, let's start off with this nice message:

Our walks never cease to be interesting.

The days have been pretty uneventful for the most part, which doesn't make for any exciting entries, but I'm doing things here and there. For example, every evening at 7 sharp, I get to see my favorite flamboyant vampire weatherman, Dan. Say hi, Dan. 
He's the real reason I came back here. 

Sarah and I spent some days up at the farm, Panui. Its significantly colder and more wet there, but the air is just as clean and the sky equally beautiful as in town. 

This is my second vampiric companion, the farm cat. 

Mike is currently working on building some yards for the sheep way out in the middle of his 500 acres of land, so Sarah and I decided to take a walk that morning to meet him for tea halfway through the day. The rain stayed in our peripheral the entire journey, and thankfully we only got a spattering of weather on the way back.

In this picture below, following the hedge down the middle till where you can't see any farther...about half an hour walk past that, and I'm taking the picture at the house, where we started. Just a small "walk."

I looked for hedgehogs in this hedge but I think they're all hibernating.

Thankfully we followed directions well enough to find the crossing bridge, and didn't have to wade through a river of freezing water.

Mike was glad for a break so we sat down and had some tea to warm ourselves up.

Ah and there's that suspicious weather sneaking up on us...

The sheep hung out in paddocks other than the ones we traveled through, but we followed their tracks.

An even closer inspection of the hedge minus hog on the way back to the house.

And then the inevitable happened....I lost Sarah.

To my extreme relief, she appeared over the rise a couple minutes later. It was probably because I sprinted up the previous hill to get it over with faster.

After a long and relaxing day, we all hung out and played some music into the late hours of the night. We're slowly accumulating a set of random songs, but most of the point is to have fun.

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