Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Wanaka and Diamond Lake

After a harrowing day of ice climbing, Sarah P and I headed to Wanaka a few hours to the south. She drove her car, and from there I am continuing farther south to Queenstown. We camped in her car illegally in the middle of near nowhere, next to some climbing walls. Rock climbing that is. To me it just looked like sheer cliff face but okay, crazy people.

It was very very cold. Probably was about 25F. We didn't arrive till about 10pm, but the clear night made the stars beautiful. You can see the highest designated ski peak in NZ from there, a little lit up at night too. 

Finally the sun rose and we had some tea and coffee, then headed down the road for a short morning hike up a small mountain for an hour.

Sarah bravely stepped onto the frozen lake.

This is Diamond Lake. It is frozen over.

Then we kept going in order to see Wanaka...

Where the sun finally came up. Wanaka is to the right past the lake (Wanaka).

Not sure how panoramas show up but I'll put it anyway.

Then we headed down and into town.

I love this picture. The branches and debris are just sitting on the ice.

We stopped at a huge op shop and I found some sweaters. Wanaka Wastebusters. Super badass secondhand shop.

And took a walk partly around the lake. We needed to kill time. Not a bad place to be stuck in. 

Heading to Queenstown now on my bus. 

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