Friday, August 5, 2016

Ukes and Walnuts and Scones, Oh My!


We went to a ukulele concert: The Nukes! (geddit?)

They are kind of funny folk, but extremely talented musicians all the same. If you want to have a listen to their oddness, Lemon Tree was one of my favorites for the night.

From left to right: a ukulele with a guitar string on the bottom in order to hit the low notes, bass. Weirdly enough, it totally worked. Middle: banjolele? Ukulo? It was like a tiny banjo/ukulele mix. Right: tenor ukulele. He held his the highest, so he was the one we could mainly see from the cheap seats.

At one point they invited members of the audience who brought their ukes, to join in a few songs. You can see I'm the target audience.

One sunny afternoon Susie and Enrique hung out to read and sort books with Sarah. We have acquired a Barn bookshelf.

I'm heading here in a few days....I've never even seen this Tuesday weather icon? Does that mean snow? Maybe??? Cross your fingers for good weather so that my ice climb doesn't get cancelled!!!

Cracking some walnuts for the afternoon was something different to do...

AND SCONES! I couldn't even wait to take to eat one before I took a picture. These date scones are so delicious and I'm very proud of my elementary baking skills developing.

Sorry for shortness, the power keeps cutting out and I'm busy being too lazy to write about my daily activities. I'm reading Ursula le Guin's The Left Hand of Darkness at the moment and I really want to get back to that. 

I have a feeling next weekend will be interesting, WEATHER it be good or bad. It's sure to conjure up some funny-after stories.

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