Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Sunny Day and Rainy Day Activities

On the sunny days yes, we do things. Vacation-y things.

Sarah brought her mat cutter to inspire artistic minds. My cousin Susie (left) recently got her artwork on display, for sale, in a shop in town. I'm so excited for her! Her drawings are breathtaking, here's her site: http://susiegibson.co.nz/sketchbook-1/ 

For some of her prints and originals for sale, she's matting and framing them. After a quick lesson on the machine, she's now a mat cutting pro. This week she sold two of her pieces in the shop! I have not learned the art of matting yet, but I plan on buying one of her prints and then matting it myself. Behind this artistry taking place, observe a rare sunny day.

We walked past a...flock? swarm? of Monarch butterflies....wow I just looked this up, apparently it's a kaleidoscope of butterflies. So, as we walked past this kaleidoscope of Monarch butterflies I couldn't help but try to capture a photo, but they fluttered about too much to get something close. Beautiful creatures. I don't know much about butterflies, but I didn't realize this kind resided in New Zealand. Or perhaps they can migrate long distances over oceans?

Tree heavy with avocados. In other parts of the country right now there are numerous cases of avocado thieves, but in Gisborne they are pretty safe, I think. At least our tree is. I think I'm eating avocados every day.

One of many attempts at getting a picture of a lamb. THEY ARE SO CUTE. Mama sheep wasn't so thrilled with my proximity, despite the fence.

Sarah recently found vintage dresses of her mum's from...the 60s and 70s. We have yet to do a formal fashion show, but we tried on a few and had some fun. This was the most benign could-wear-today dress, in my opinion. It's still a little funny-shaped. Also smells a tiny bit like mothballs still.

When we visited 202 on one of our morning walks, Barb had just finished shelling about four pounds of macadamias. Then they just went in the oven to be roasted with Tawari honey....we quickly took up Brian's offer to take a couple cups home to finish roasting ourselves. Divine invention, I must say. And yes I know you see that huge one too, I ate it right out of the oven before Sarah even had a chance to see it.

Star Trek Beyond release day! My first time going to town by myself. I waited till a Tuesday because it's the special discounted day, and it happened to be raining heavily, the perfect movie-watching weather, so I walked down the street to the bus stop to go to town. And of course because it's me, and I'm OCD about missing things, I arrived at the bus stop ten minutes early (hey, you can almost see my Star Trek earrings) and got bored. THEN Totoro popped into my head, so I started taking selfies. Do you see the resemblance?

Aww now I want to watch Totoro.....

Aaanyway. I made it to town, killed time at the library reading until the theatre opened at 11am, and then walked into the theatre of my first movie-in-a-foreign-country! Da da da daaaaa. Wait, that's Star Wars.

And all the Star Trek fans in the city gathered....

Yeah. I had to go alone too because no one I knew here is even remotely a sci-fi fan. I'm sure I will get a similar photo for Suicide Squad in a couple weeks. I'm determined though! My nerd shines through, no matter where I go.

Take a moment to observe these pretties. Foreign covers are my undoing. I will go broke, I'm sure. I could actually just run a whole blog on foreign book covers I drool over. 

Later in the week Sarah and I took our walk to Ballance for some small groceries and wandered in this garden shop. Found some things we wanted to buy for our garden. Heavy things.

And another lamb picture! ofgnuerginfjlwrluwepfsldm I can't even. And they're even cuter in real life. SO FLUFFY. They look like poofy stuffed animals.

I have a few more cool things to catch up on and post (uploading the pictures is the most time consuming so I procrastinate), but I am currently planning my South Island trip. It's taking a few unexpected turns, but however it ends up, I'm sure it'll be adventurous and you'll probably get some cool stories from me, so hang in there. It'll be my first time traveling solo in a foreign country. (Unbelievable, I know.) At least everyone speaks English here...

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