Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Still raining

Just a note, my blog hasn't been very adventurous, but that's because I haven't been very adventurous...yet. Upcoming side trip to the glaciers in the south, stay tuned.

Pictures! This is a lovely gloomy picture of our home, aka "The Barn." Can you see how it developed its name? My room is the top right with the window propped open. Because I like to sleep freezing.

This is part of the very very long walk back from some shops halfway to town. I think this time it was from the bus stop. We are trying to take advantage of public transportation, but busses only leave every few hours so timing is not completely convenient.

I went to the librarryyyyy. (Okay by now I've actually gone twice but I won't keep posting pictures every time I go, don't worry.)

Sarah captured a candid of my impatient reading before we even got home. Hey, it was a long ride. See what I'm wearing? People back home, it's called a jacket, and a headband/ear warmer (for those icy winds.) For when it get really cold out (so, under 100) and then you actually have to put clothes ON. And more than one layer, too! It's crazy, I know.

Look, Mediterranean Kiwi food! Whaaat. 
Funny story. We bought some lentils. Got home. I look at them: "Sarah, there are moving lentils." Weevils! Ewww...Thankfully we didn't open them or eat them before we noticed. At least they were posh weevils coming from such a posh place. You could tell by the hoity-toity way they moved around munching the lentils.

I've never seen this before.

Yum. Also: $40.

What kind of cooking is this even used for, anyway? Scott, I don't know why, but when I saw this I thought of you.

After shopping in the morning, Sarah, Ali and I took a walk (hike) up Kaiti Hill. It's right next to the ports, and there is a lot of logging production there before it all gets exported.

To the top its a few k, maybe a couple miles, but its pretty steep. Because it is early on in our trip, as we get used to landscapes that don't resemble flatness, there was some...huffing and puffing. Not exactly the most encouraging thing to see joggers lap you while you're still heading up. Once we arrived at the top though, beautiful view. This pano here is actually the almost-top, but had the best viewpoint all around. About 5pm and the sun is on it's way out. By the time we turned around to go back down, it was near black.

As we made our way back down the hill, I spotted what I thought was a cat in the tree above the path.  No, it was a possum. I've never seen one before! I am pretty excited about finding it. It looks very cat-like, but if you look at it (in real life) you can tell by the way it sat and slightly moved, it was not a cat.

And this is at the lookout point as well. "In Memory of Princess Diana Who Planted this (can't read kind of tree) in 1983."

Checked out a town beach on our way home, and there are these beautifully carved benches all along the wooden pathway.

And then there's this. Add to the album of weird foreign foods. At the same time, I'm very curious to give it a try...

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