Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Hedgehog

The time has come. A hedgehog spotting. 

I am fascinated with the little creatures, and have never seen them--I don't think they even live anywhere in the States. Anyway I heard they live in NZ, and so I made it one of my goals to see one during this visit!

In the past couple weeks I learned a few things about them. They're nocturnal. And they hibernate. (It's fall here now.) My chances of seeing one quickly plummeted, and I quickly came to terms with the possibility of having to do a headlamp search in the middle of the cold night, digging a hole and waiting for a hedgehog to fall into one. (The neighbor boys' suggestion.)

But on our morning walk...I see a tiny little snuffling poofy thing meandering toward us over a hill. I stopped in my tracks, disbelief etched upon my face...alas, a hedgehog in the flesh!

Dramatics aside, I was pretty speechless in my excitement. So I took out my camera and took about two dozen pictures as it made its way toward us.

The sad truth is, something was probably wrong with this little being. Out strolling the road at 10 in the morning? And we are literally able to touch it (but didn't) without it scurrying away or rolling up into a ball? It was most likely sick. But I wish it luck in its little journey in the wild, and hope it hibernates soon...thanks for the photo op, tiny spiky dude.

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