Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Leaving LAX

Is it just me, or has airport security gotten a bit weird? The last flight I took was only two months ago, but with the different measures in security lines and general feels like a five year gap. I don't know exactly how to explain it to someone who doesn't constantly travel, just trust me on this. Bad line communication within the officers directing people, and mixed messages. (Take your shoes off. Don't take your shoes off. Why haven't you taken your shoes off yet??)

We have left Phoenix and are in LAX. Because our next flight (to Auckland) is international, they were not able to check our bags all the way through to Gisborne. So we joined the baggage claim clamor to the carousels, waited for our bags to the tune of Centerfold playing softly in the background, and then walked the 15 minutes over to the Bradley International Terminal.

See above for yet again, the same security line kerfuffle. ^ 

Checked-in and with four hours till take off, we decided to eat some money--I mean airport food.

(It was actually not too bad for $15.)

Then we walked another mile through the airport to our gate. I stopped to take a picture of a lonesome Oreo on the ground, because why not. Sarah questioned my weirdness, and now I think I'll have to write a poem about it. Poem to come after the jet lag has worn off. (Or maybe it'll be better while I'm jet lagged.)

After another mile of following signs, we come to a balcony overlooking this:

Terrified for a moment, thinking this some mass holding area for *something* sinister, we figure out it is just a chair holding center. To the right are our more normal looking gate waiting areas.

Now there's another hour till boarding, so I'm going to charge my phone, and prepare for this 13 hour flight across the Pacific. We will have a Skycouch, so there will most likely be a desperate post for that experience. 

My hope is to get a SIM card once in the airport there. If so, you will get regular updates on my travels. If not, you will get infrequent updates on my travels.


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