Saturday, March 21, 2015

Eastwood Hill Arboretum

Ventured out to the supermarket again. Sarah and I are terrified of crossing the street because of all the roundabouts and driving on the other side of the road, etc. but we found this awesome sign and a median...and our worries dissipated. 

Pak n Save parking lot is brought to you by Alcatraz security.

I forgot to keep an eye out for Kinder products! As soon as I thought to keep my eyes open, I spotted one at checkout. Illegal back at home. They're so fun.

Cousin Safi and co came over for dinner again and we had many adventures outside in the yard.

Our next outing! Eastwood Hill Arboretum. I believe it's the largest collection of exotic trees in the southern hemisphere. It was planted about a hundred years ago probably before all the incoming organics laws came into effect. 

We had a picnic with tea beforehand:
I vote this to be a staple at every picnic.

The sun was shining and it was a beautiful and even almost hot (by NZ standards) afternoon.

If you look closely on most of the trees there, the cicada shells were stuck allll over trunks. It really creeped me out, but everyone else had a fine time picking off and inspecting them. 

Near the end of our path we found this giant swing set!

I'm working on getting a better picture of one, but my new favorite bird is the fantail. They are tiny and pretty tame, and will hop around trees to follow you around. (If I remember correctly, because when you walk you rustle up bugs on the ground for them to eat.) Their tail fans out more than this usually, but this one wasn't interested in showing off. Was about two feet away from me.

Susie looking very peaceful and contemplative:

And then this tree is how you take photos...

To get a shot like this:

In the evening we all met up at 202 for tea and music. Couldn't get everyone in the pic though. Action shot.

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