Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Cyclone Pam That Wasn't

The I'm not sure how much news coverage cyclone Pam got outside of the South Pacific, but that was all we heard about for four days straight. After everything, it didn't turn out so awful or crazy. We think the newscasters just wanted it to be really dramatic. So I did wake up to crazy torrential rain and wind, but it was cozy inside so we had a rather calm day.

(This is in Celsius because I forgot to change it. 16c is 60f.) oh and about 80 mi winds throughout the course of the storm. The problem was that in pictures though, it doesn't look too bad. Trust me, it was pretty horrible out.

But a rainy day didn't stop Brian, nothing does. So he worked on a bucket of honey. Massive yummy bucket. You'll see what we did with it later below.

In the afternoon we went on an adventure to check on Susie and Enrique's place on the beach, but since they're up high, it wasn't dangerous for them, they just had to take their porch items inside. Mainly the surf was huge and up to the stairs. Allegedly 8 meter swells from the newscasters, but like I said, they tended to be on the dramatic side. It was rough looking, and I'd  estimate maybe 5 meters. (After all I am the expert on measuring waves. Super qualified.) (Brian and Enrique were weirdos for wearing shorts and barefoot.)


Weird supermarket items: Gizzy is a nickname for Gisborne, and apparently this milk is supposed to be the best.

We confused the hell out of supermarket stockers, when we tried to explain sharp cheese. "I've never heard of this 'sharp' cheese before, you sure that's what it's called?" Eventually we found 'tasty' cheese! Which is sort of the same thing, from what we gathered in the description. They still thought we were awfully weird.

End interlude.

I tried a second new fruit! It's freaking delicious and unlike anything I've tried before: a feijoa! Has a sort of grainy consistency of a pear, but may be related to guava or something.  

Then we went to town and found a funny sign. Yes these toilets actually *were* a bit unsavoury...hehe. But hey they were free.

Okay meanwhile back at 202, Brian finally had the honey warmed up enough (the vat sat in front of the heater for about two days) to jar it! There were enough small jars to fill the laundry basket. It was pretty fun to observe. I helped by taking pictures.

Supposed to be sunny and cool for the next week!


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