Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Where do we go, from here?

I guess we are feeling a little like Buffy and the Scooby gang right now. Though dancing and singing hasn't been our top priority on the farm, we've gone through quite the mid-trip-crisis.

Goodbye, Ferma Indianlui; till the next time we come back to visit beautiful Romania. We are on our way to Budapest now, only an 11 hour bus ride...fun stuff, that. 

I guess I better start from the beginning, this past week. In my last post, I believe I mentioned I was sick. Well I didn't actually end up recovering until yesterday, after a trip to the hospital and some antibiotics. I relapsed into some worse kind of bug, and we still aren't sure what it was, but I threw up for the first time in seven years, so that sucked. In fact, I was sick so much my stomach wouldn't really uncramp, hence the hospital visit. 

Krishan knew someone at the hospital so I didn't had to wait in the waiting room very long, and after an ultrasound to look at all my insides, they gave me an IV drip with some muscle relaxants and glucose to rehydrate me. I had never been to a hospital before so I had a slight panic attack (um needles.) but Daciana and Tessa kept talking to me and I made it pretty well. Honestly I don't remember much of it. 

At this point I felt the worse I've ever felt before, and Tessa and I had a little melt down a long time coming...we were hours away from changing our tickets home to next week. Honestly, 60 days in, we are both completely burnt out from traveling and just really want to go back to the monotonous routine of every day life. This morning though, we felt a tiny bit better (and after finding out how much it would take to get home early, um ouch.) we decided to continue almost as we planned originally. Even though we are both really homesick. 

To vent, here is what I am missing right now:

Ice cubes
A different shirt than the four I have
Not having to shop every day for each meal
TV (if I'm being really honest here.)
Oh, I forgot I owned a laptop.
Any paper book
Mexican food
My kitties

But I'll get them all back in about 40 days. Not that we are counting down or anything.

Since we decided to stay, as Calvin's dad would say, it builds character.

Doesn't make it any easier.

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