Monday, July 15, 2013


We learned some games today.

Krishan has come back from Bucharest with his two kids, Idan and Lucas. They're about 7 & 10 years old; very fun and adorable.

So since there wasn't much work today for us, and the kids wanted to do something, Philippe, Tessa, and I all played some games out in the nice weather.

We learned that "European" hide and seek isn't the same. Combine that with the fact that it's been about a decade since either of us have actually played the "American" hide and seek...well we really sucked. And Philippe is tall and runs fast, so we were outnumbered all together.

Second, they got the ball out and started playing "piggy in the middle". The boys didn't understand why we were laughing so hard. But when we explained that ours was "monkey" in the middle, Idan adopted that idea very quickly and the game became doubly goofy.

Cathryn and Philippe found some more mushrooms in the woods, and besides finding the deadliest one ever, the rest are apparently delicious. And they're both still alive today, so I trust it now.
(To the left is the new volunteer, Bernardo, from Puerto Rico.)

Philippe was teaching them how to use his "poi" to do tricks. This led to some entertaining results.

Krishan tried it out too.

Our garden is bursting with zucchini. There are WAY too many of them. And we don't even have an oven. So our zucchini recipes are starting to become repetitive.

Frying buffalo cheese to have with our clover jelly. So tasty! Sorry Tessa, I should have warned you I was taking the picture.


It's been a few days since rain has fallen, so the garden beds are dry. We are hoping to get some afternoon showers today...saves time having to water them all by hand. But I don't even know of the weather here because my weather app can't get a fix on my location....

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