Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Okay new plan.

Remember that last post?

Yeah nothing actually happened the way we planned today. This is where the lesson "always check twice, or thrice, or just be really really sure" comes to use. 

For the first time in two months, we missed our ride. Now that's technically not that bad of a record. But for us? Yeah, that was about the last straw. As we finally get back on our feet, ready to finish this trip after almost booking a flight home...then missing the bus to Budapest that only leaves every three days or so.

We were waiting for an hour, totally on time. Just at the wrong stupid bus stop a half mile away from the correct stupid bus stop. So we slunk back to the hotel lobby from the night before, since it had wifi. I might have cried a little. In frustration. I was so ready for that 11 hour bus ride that would get us out of the silly transport town of Targu Mures. 

By the way you should google maps that really quick, for some perspective. Targu Mures, Romania -- Budapest, Hungary. (And how far away we are from the rest of the world.)

After making a list of options:

Finally we got out wits about us, and checked in for another night here at Hotel Darina, because we decided there wasn't a way to leave the city today.

*fast forward through about 10 different plans*

Wow, Targu Mures does fly to Budapest. Awesome. It's five times as expensive, but there's a flight tomorrow. *book* It's amazing, all over Europe you can just buy an air ticket somewhere the day before, pretty much no problem. This was a budget airline, sure, but the flight wasn't even full.

We are out of Romania now. Technically we were there three months of the year, 6-29 to 8-1. ;) I'll really miss it there.

Okay moving on. Hungary! (And a new currency for two days. That's always fun to work with.)

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