Saturday, October 29, 2016

Day Three: Reedsport, OR to Mill Creek, WA

Greetings, here's another car-window picture of green trees. It's starting to get colder and more wet and also dark earlier in the day. I love it. No super exciting things today besides Powells, that really took over my brainspace today.

We waited till the sun actually rose today, but there was lots of fog still. Thankfully it didn't impair any driving.

More green stuff.

(And Whomping Willow cousins.)

Welcome to Portland, Oregon! Home of Powells Books! (There are probably other things to do, but I haven't bothered to look them up yet.)

We had only a couple hours to kill, and I made it out under my five-book limit (and somehow convinced my mom to buy five as well) and as I checked out I remembered no sales tax in Oregon. Bazinga! (So technically my calculations were wrong and I could have bought another book within my allowed budget. Next time...)

(See, stack of five books, and only four of them were for me. Totally proud of my restraint.)

We headed out of Portland toward Seattle; we still had a long way to go for the day. It's a Saturday so traffic wasn't too bad, but we got a small taste. And despite the clear skies today Mt. Rainier was not visible.

As we drove into Seattle, they had some pretty subtle signs about the speed.

And somehow we arrived in Seattle on the only sunny day of the year. Proof.

Tonight we are staying with a friend in Mill Creek, Washington. She has a dog that I will probably steal because he is so sweet and cuddly.

Milage today: 380

Miles to go, 69.

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