Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day One: Queen Creek to Bakersfield

I'm moving to Bellingham. 1500 miles here we go. Not sure how exciting this will be to readers, but it's something to do to pass the time on the road....

This is the most depressing picture. Every time I look at it I start humming "Empty Chairs at Empty Tables" and get even more sad. I avoided that part of my room once it got completely empty.

Jack was in major denial about me leaving...he could tell something was up and stopped looking me in the eyes.

Ollie on the other hand just sat on me and head butted me like normal and promptly spazzed out, completely oblivious to the situation. He probably won't notice my absence.

Pixel declined to comment and disappeared into the basement, never to forgive me.

So while I didn't bring any furniture with me from Arizona, I really really really wanted my papasan chair. They're expensive and I needed a good curl-up chair for the wold winter so I could tea-drink, Netflix, and read while under a ton of blankets in this chair. Thankfully my genius mother thought to google "roof carrier thing" and came up with this contraption. No roof rack needed, and also a bunch of other stuff fit up there, leaving plenty of room for my books in the actual car. 

Inaugural bumper sticker on the car. (besides the Totoro)

My mom turned my Honda Accord into the TARDIS with her magical mother powers of packing. That, and her mad skills gained from playing too much Tetris as a young child.

We put the hangers in the most obvious places so people wouldn't think, "ooh valuable!" and instead think, "ooh poor college student!" just to be on the safe side.

Then it hit me.

Then I recovered enough for a nice picture.

But Jack made me sad again....

And I just can't even right now. :'(

Thankfully you can't see the shiny tear tracks on my face and it looks all smiley normal....

And off to California we drove...bye bye Manor, I'll visit in a few months...

Most of the drive we went Warp 7.5 to stay within the Arizona Federation cruising limits.

We made it through the state border okay; they didn't even notice the Mexican we had hiding in the papasan chair on the roof. (Just in case this post somehow alerts authorities: I'M KIDDING.)

Just look at those beautiful mountains....
...said no one ever in Los Angeles.

Then the best part of today: Bakersfield stop for the night and MEXICAN FOOD! Probably the last I'll have for a while. It'll be hard to be away from, never mind all the people.


Miles today: 531.

Three days to go.

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