Friday, April 10, 2015

Tauranga Pt II

All right, I've actually arrived home, and didn't fall into a volcano. I haven't been able to post updates for a bit because I didn't have enough wifi and it was too time consuming. I focused instead on spending time with family for the last handful of days. Now that I'm back, I'll finish up this trip in a few more posts from my computer.


On our way back from Hobbiton, we stayed in Tauranga once again. We took our time leaving, shopping and eating around this beautiful beachside city. (Not that I've come across an NZ city that's not beautiful.)

(And more opportunities to show you my food!)

We ate out at a delicious Japanese restaurant in town. The tofu tasted like it was deep-fried in sugar. In the good way. For all I know it could have been.

I mailed my postcards to some friends and family! It's tradition for me to take a picture of the mailing process. To prove I sent them, even if they never reach the destination. These were hobbity postcards.
The stamps coincidentally had a picture of the Tongariro Crossing on it, which I deemed fit.

Then we passed this on the street.

Often in cafes when you ask for water they give you (or show where there is) a repurposed glass bottle of some sort, and provide you with glasses. This was a repurposed vodka bottle, I think. This is such a great way to reduce waste. New Zealand wins once again.

 Every time we passed a bookstore I dived in and made an expression similar to this one:

And found my favorite shelf with a refreshing array of international covers:

Not the sunniest day, but ever lovely views. 

On our way out of town, we stopped at a co-op and shopped. The vendors change every few months or so. We found a variety of items. From wooden carvings to clockwork jewelry, to "roadkill designs" which are bags and rugs made from goat fur...

I was tempted by this book:

 Still processing this one, not sure what to feel about it:

And of course I bought this furry dude. Pulled at all my Wallace and Gromit childhood memories.

Halfway home and came across a blueberry farm so stopped for ice cream. because ice cream.

And ate it by the chickens out front. The smell was an interesting combination with the tasty ice cream.

When we arrived back in Gisborne the next day I learned of the sport 'netball'. Mostly female-played, like a cooler version of basketball.

Stayed in Gisborne for a while, but Mt Doom is coming up!

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