Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Opotiki & Orakei Korako

On our way to Mt Doom now! It's over a four hour drive, so we made some stops. The rest of our people drove in another car, but we met up with them for some thermal pool observing.

Opotiki was our first stop. I managed to arrange a meeting with my mom's best friend and my middle-name-sake, Bradie. It had been probably twelve years since I'd seen her last, and this was a lovely reunion.

(I have my Mordor shirt on!)

Second stop! Orate Korako. It's near Rotorua, a place known for the bubbling mud smelling of sulphur and geysers. Two awesome features. This place is more off the path, little less touristy. It didn't smell too bad, and the weather turned out to be unusually hot.

You take a small boat ride across the late to the steamy rocks on the other side...

Not all public toilets are this spiffy.
(End Interlude.)

The colors are a type of lichen, and sometimes the result of a mix of minerals. There are many signs warning people not to stray off the path. The ground could collapse all the sudden, and the water is all boiling anyway. Nagging in the back of my head though was, "This boardwalk could collapse or explode in a geyser at anytime too though..."

Not snow. Hardened minerals, I think.

The area looked VERY Jurassic Park. It's hard to tell from the picture.

And a cave! It was a lot creepier and more gloomy in real life.

I miss my cousins already!

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