Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Nürnberg, and Parting Ways

Our last stop together, Nurnberg, Germany.

Some pics:

This is the view from our new dorm room in Nürnberg, and we face the Opera House! Or, in German, Opernhaus.

And a view out the bus window, on the way to Nürnberg. We got caught in a HUGE storm on the way, but you can't tell at this point.

Oh, and look at my spiffy sandal tan. You really don't want to see it, probably. But believe me, it's not dirt. My feet are especially clean here. And I have a hiking sock tan as well. Am I proud of these two things? Maybe a little.

Now that the close up picture of my feet is past, let me leave you with something more pleasant.

We didn't actually explore the city at all, this time. Since it was our last day we just felt exhausted and it even took us an hour just to figure out if we wanted to go to the supermarket to find something for dinner.

A rather unique experience came out of this though. As Tessa and I flopped onto the couch in the reception/common area, we started talking to this guy sitting there as well. We asked the usual travelers questions like where you're from, and what you're doing in the city...turns out he is here for a music festival, and he has been sitting in the common room people watching for the last five days or so. Why? Just so he can meet cool people, and think, and observe.

For the whole afternoon we sat there too, discussing just about anything that came into our minds. Tessa and I did have a city map and we all consulted it at various times, with full intention of leaving the couch to go see the Documentation Centre, or Hat Museum, or Pencil Museum. 

We never did leave to see anything exciting except for another grocery store run, and we managed to get this guy to come with us, because we felt he really needed to get out. And once we left, he should know where food was available.

So it was a great day of non-exploring, and I recommend anyone to do that sort of thing (not in your plans) at least a few times on any trip you're on. We met some really interesting people in the common room that day, and I felt bad the last day was when this first occurred to us.


Since our changing-of-plans crisis, we had decided to go through this last week so I wouldn't miss Prague, but then part ways right after. Tessa managed to get a flight home booked out of Frankfurt, so that's why we stopped in Nürnberg, making our way over there. And I booked a flight to Brussels, where I'll be staying with my friend Elizabeth until the 21st of August. Details on that later.

It's been a crazy and fun trip this summer, and even though the majority of it is over and I'm ready to go home in a few weeks...well I can't wait to plan the next adventure.

Bye, Tessa!

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