Wednesday, February 27, 2013

That's the Ticket

My friends, the initial air ticket is bought.

While we are overseas, timing and places will be fuzzy, but the flights there (and back) have to be planned in advance, so here is what I'm doing. I could just write this post as I'm leaving instead of four months early, but I have yet to try out the Blogger app on my iPhone, and, well, it's been a while since I posted something here.

Tessa and I have bought our New York-London one-way ticket via have excellent student/youth prices, and it was only a few hundred dollars. We made sure we were on the same flight, on Icelandic air. But hopefully we end up sitting next to each'll work out.

I still have to get my ticket from Phoenix-New York and back this fall, but since it's domestic, there isn't  too much urgency in that one. And for a ticket form Iceland to New York, we'll get that right before we leave.

So it may not seem like too much progress, but every leg counts!

Depending on what I find while gone, I hope to come back home and work for a few months, and then buy a one way ticket back to Europe with hopefully either a long volunteering job, or paid job. But at this point I'm playing it by ear. My family says they don't want me gone for more than four months initially...and I'll miss my kitties. Or maybe I'll just stay home for a while and get a job at a certain bookstore...


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